Relatives’ Accommodation at ARI

Project 840 Intensive Care Unit staff approached the Trustees to seek funding for the conversion of a bed store to provide accommodation for the relatives of critically ill patients.  Endowment funding provided a three-bedroom unit, complete with en-suite bathrooms and a kitchen.  The ICU waiting areas have also been redecorated and made more comfortable.  

Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting Room

Project 906 The MDT Room is where all the staff involved in patient’s diagnosis, which can often be a cancer diagnosis, meet to agree on a course of treatment.  These regular MDT meetings ensure that all the experts are in the same room, agreeing the best possible treatment for each patient. Endowments supported the refurbishment […]

Prosthetics Lab

Project 878 Enquiries about a new chair for the Posthetics Lab led staff to think about how the department could be better configured.  As well as a new chair, Endowment funding allowed the treatment room to be relocated to provide direct access rather than patients having to walk through the lab.  The bright, natural light […]

Antenatal Pre-Assessment Clinic

Project 977 In anticipation of the new ways of working envisaged when the Baird Family Hospital opens, staff were keen to redesign the Antenatal Service at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital to provide a more responsive service to patients.  This included the provision of a more comfortable waiting room for patients, thans to Endowment funding.

Stroke Ward

Projects 866 and 897 When the Stroke Ward relocated to its new location in Ward 214, staff were keen to take the opportunity to make changes to the ward layout and to have extra equipment installed for patients.  Endowment funding supported the conversion of the balcony area to provide space for a patient gym, as […]

Neonatal Cots

Project 882 Ten new height-adjustable Neonatal Cots were purchased by Endowments for the Neonatal Unit to make access to the newborns easier for nurses and parents.  When the Baird Family Hospital is completed in 2020, the costs will transfer to the new hospital.